Jour Fixe: art, food, drinks around “TV Time” by Anna Lundh


Welcome to the second edition of Jour Fixe. Jour Fixe happens once a month on a Friday night in Stockholm: a regular meeting of experiencing art, food, drinks, and conversations at home.


On this occasion, Anna Lundh is taking us on a time travel and recalls what television, timely experience and technology used to be like – and how they correlate from today’s point of view.


Curated by Stefanie Hessler


Join us on Friday, 23 November 2012, between 18.30 – 21.30 for TV food and drinks. Performance starts at 20.00.


For location details send an email to:




For TV Time (2010), Anna Lundh dug into the archives of the Swedish television channels Kanal1 and TV2. On television sets from the 1980s and 90s, visual clocks show the minutes before a new programme starts. The excavated clocks are side effects of the videotaping of all programmes ever screened on the channels. The footage exposes intriguing details, such as that most programmes started at unusual times, like 16:39, rather than the full hour. Time was recorded and isolated, and the clocks refer to nothing other than time itself – more precisely the waiting time until the next broadcast.


The recorded time on TV overlays with the actual watching time of the present. As the clocks show the specific span during which television’s entertainment function is suspended, the viewer is thrown back on her own reality of the here and now. While they make one think that a new programme is about to start, they further suspend expectations and interrupt a world of make-believe.


On the occasion of Jour Fixe, TV Time will be accompanied by a new sound performance by Anna Lundh. In a double resurrection act, an obsolete technology is used to revive and play with lost elements of time.



TV Time
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