Jour Fixe: art, food, drinks around “Sven & the Bear” by Sven Sachsalber



Sven Sachsalber, “Would you mind taking a picture of your partner and me?”, 2012, 8 photographs from a series of 32.


Welcome to the third Jour Fixe, and the first one for the year of 2013. Jour Fixe happens once a month on a Friday night in Stockholm: a regular meeting of experiencing art, food, drinks, and conversations at home.


For the first time in Stockholm, Jour Fixe presents the works of Sven Sachsalber, artist born in Schlanders, on the border of Italy, Switzerland and Austria, visiting us from London where he currently lives and creates. For the occasion, Sachsalber will produce a new work “Sven & the Bear” (2013) that will be on show together with a sequence of photographs titled “Would you mind taking a picture of your partner and me?” (2012).


Co-curated by Stefanie Hessler and Egle Kulbokaite


Join us on Friday, 11 January 2013, 18.30 – 21.30 for a conversation with a Bear in a Blizzard drink.


For location details send an email to:




Sven Sachsalber’s practice develops as a close exploration of personal experiences and a look into the realm of the ordinary. Sachsalber’s work is expressed through a variety of media ranging from drawing to performance. The artist often refers to personal memories as well as common phrases of speech; for instance, his recent performance at Limoncello Gallery, London, titled “Die Nadel im Heuhaufen” involved the artist looking for a needle in a haystack, enacting a well-known figure of speech.


With “Sven & the Bear”, Sachsalber refers to the saying in German of binding a bear to someone’s back with a meaning of lying to someone. While in Stockholm, the artist will travel the city with the burden of a human-size bear tied to his back as a comment on one’s relationship to the self.


To accompany “Sven & the Bear”, “Would you mind taking a picture of your partner and me?” is a series of 32 family album size photographs, taken at London central station. Each of them figure the artist in the position of a boyfriend or companion, replacing the male partner of a couple. For the work, Sachsalber approached couples and asked if he could take a photograph with the female of a couple, simulating a moment of romantic representation and exposing the stereotypes of affection.


Both the documentation of “Sven & the Bear” and “Would you mind taking a picture of your partner and me?” will be on view at the third Jour Fixe.


Sven Sachsalber was born in 1987 in Schlanders, part of South Tyrol. His career as an artist started after an accident that prevented him from continuing with alpine skiing. After studying business and languages in Bologna, Italy, Sachsalber moved to London to study at the Royal College of Art and since then focuses on art making. Recent selected exhibitions include: It’s your stage baby! best Siggi Hofer: Gallery Bielsco, Bielsco Biala, Poland (2012); Young British Art II (curated by Ryan Gander & Christina von Rotenhan), Dienstgebaeude, Zurich, Switzerland, (2012); Giovanni S (curated by Marion Piffer Damiani), Haus D, Neustift, Italy (2012); The First Time is always The Best (curated by Rianne Groen), Richmix Mezzanine Gallery, London, UK (2011); Young British Art (curated by Ryan Gander), Limoncello Gallery, London, UK (2011).

See more of Sachsalber’s work on vimeo.

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