smallworldsproject is a new curated medley between contemporary art exhibition making and online magazine. smallworldsproject‘s fixed site is the online space, but as a fervent believer in the physicality and tactility of things, it connects to the “real“ world by entering it with exhibitions in different cities and by commenting on other shows in the magazine section. This vast and outspread spatial dimension of the project is countered with a micro focus: The exhibitions take place in little spaces and the texts are written by a selected community about small shows – or they zoom in on particular elements of larger scale events. By scouting unusual locations and accentuating collaboration, smallworldsproject proposes complementary ways of showing art and a contemporary model for curating.


smallworldsproject was initiated and is curated by Stefanie Hessler in connection with her degree of the International Master‘s Programme in Curating Art at Stockholm University in spring 2011.